Greenwich Cyclists

We are the local group of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). We work to improve facilities and provision for cycling in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

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New Cycle Lane for Navada Street

New Cycle Lane for Navada Street

It’s been some years since the Council consulted on the idea for a contraflow cycle lane for Navada Street in central Greenwich but it is now reality.

The new route will allow those exiting Greenwich Park to turn left into Navada Street and give access to a safer and quieter route through to Creek Road.

The current route down King William Walk and onto the Greenwich one way system is particularly busy during the morning rush-hour so is best avoided if possible.

Thanks RBG.

Greenwich and Woolwich foot tunnels go smart

Greenwich and Woolwich foot tunnels go smart

Cyclists using the foot tunnels in Greenwich and Woolwich should check the overhead sign to see when they should walk their bikes. A new computer vision based system can now identify the numbers of walkers, and cyclists in the tunnel, and display messages to ask cyclists to dismount only when pedestrian levels are high.

An initial trial period is currently underway and messaging will be adjusted over the coming weeks. Please support this trial by walking your bike when the sign says to, and help demonstrate that the tunnels can permanently operate as a shared space.

Please also download and use the BetterPoints app to track your journeys through the tunnel. You will be rewarded with BetterPoints for all of your walking and cycling trips, with bonus points when you walk your bike through the tunnel. Points are redeemed for high street vouchers or charity donations. We will also be running a prize draw every month, and you will earn a prize entry for every recorded trip.

Visit for more information and look out for us at events we will be running at the tunnel throughout the summer.

Download the free app and get started.

New signage in Greenwich Foot Tunnel

New signage in Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Experimental new signage is being tested in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel in order to regulate the use of cycles. A Greenwich Council official said the idea was to permit considerate cycling when the tunnel was not too busy. At present, a long-standing bye law forbids cycling in the tunnel which is now used by hundreds of commuter cyclists every day. ​